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Marketing Automation Info-graphicMarketing automation is a powerful marketing tool E-dreamz utilizes to drive higher engagement by creating unique and relevant experiences. It is the implementation of a software platform that streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows. It can lead to increased efficiency, lower attrition, and a higher rate of growth in leads and/or revenue. Marketing automation works to move prospects and customers through the conversion funnel.

Tools such as this work to segment your prospects and nurture them throughout the customer lifecycle. It serves as a hub that details interactions you’ve had with each prospect or customer along the way. Marketing automation provides more transparency into your marketing efforts and helps to measure ROI in a much better way.

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Lead Management
Marketing automation is a lead management system that takes inbound contacts and put them into workflows based on their intent. The software will track and record interactions you have with them over time to help close the conversion loop and realize a true ROI.
No two customers are the same, so why treat them the same. Marketing automation serves to create unique experiences for each individual by segmenting your leads and customers based on the interactions they've had with your organization. Segmentation helps you to prioritize and qualify leads and customers to ensure that you're putting the right message in front of them at the right moment.
Marketing automation is more than just email marketing. While email marketing is a large component of a software tool such as this, it also includes a suite of tools to drive more customer action and strengthen relationships. Creating and deploying landing pages for campaigns and integrating with social marketing are all capabilities that help to create opportunities and convey a more concise message.

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