June 14, 2017

Internet Marketing Ideas That Are Free

The online world changes so rapidly that sometimes it’s hard
to keep up and if you’re promoting your business online for the first time, it’s
hard to know where to start. You’ve heard of internet marketing, but you’re not
sure exactly what it entails. Below are a few suggestions on ways to help your
site get discovered that won’t cost you anything.

Create a Google My Business Account

Google My Business is a free tool provided by Google of
course that allows you to create a profile for your business that will be
synched across all Google properties, including Google Maps & Google Search
for example. You’re able to enter your physical office locations if you have
any, along with contact information and images. It’s important to keep this
information up-to-date as it will affect how your listing appears across those

Start a Blog

Content is such a critical component when it comes to how
your site ranks in organic search results. The practice of improving the
position of your site on search results is commonly referred to as search
engine optimization, or SEO for short. You’re working towards making your site
one of authority within your given industry. When you put out new content, it
is ‘crawled’ by search engines to understand it’s meaning and it will also
garner links from other sites depending on its perceived value by other industry
leaders. Content is a big piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

Embrace Social Media

You may not use it for personal use, but social media is a
great way to promote the new content you just posted on your blog. It’s also a
great way to connect with your customers who want to know more about your organization
by providing behind-the-scenes photos, employee profiles, or just answering
customer questions.

Answer Questions on Quora

Speaking of answering customer questions, get involved in
online communities such as Quora. It’s a place for online users to pose
interesting questions where you’re then able to provide insight and build upon
your online authority within your industry.

Video Tutorials

So many online users are turning to video to get answers to
questions or just to learn more about products. Give them what they’re looking
for by providing a video demonstration of your product or a quick step-by-step
walkthrough of your services. You can host these videos on your site in
addition to posting them on your YouTube channel.

If you have any questions, reach out to our marketing team at sem@edreamz.com
for help. We’re experts in internet marketing and would be happy to help you
get your business online.

By: Brian Henning

Director of Marketing